A Divine Conference

January 27 (Romans 8:27)

And the Father who knows all hearts knows what the Spirit is saying, for the Spirit pleads for us believers in harmony with God’s own will.  (NLT)

God talks to Himself about you.  Did you know that?  The Greek verb for “pleads” in this verse means to meet with, to get together with, and since the Holy Spirit is God, this means that God talks to Himself about you.

Imagine this scene.  You’ve applied for a job and have met with one of the heads of the company who says, “Wait here while the board talks this over.”  As you sit outside the closed room, you know that everyone inside is talking about you.  They all have copies of your resume and references.  They also know what the company is all about and are now talking about you and your potential role.  Now, what if every single board member and executive was your close friend, or better yet, a close relative?  How confident would you feel?

Friends, that is what it is like for us with God.  He knows His own will perfectly.  He knows exactly what He wants to see happen in His creation and what He wants you to do in it.  More than just knowing your resume, He knows you, inside and out.  On top of that, He loves you deeply and longs to see you flourish just as He designed you to do, playing the role you were made to play.  And so God talks to Himself about you.  I ask you again.  How confident does that make you feel?

Father, I often lay out a long list of things to you…fears, worries, concerns, dreams, hopes, problems….  Today I ask You nothing.  Today I will rest in the confidence that the Holy Spirit is already interceding on my behalf and in a way that is in harmony with Your perfect will.  Today I will simply thank You and wait to hear what You have to say to me.  Amen.


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