Chosen, Holy, and Beloved


March 10 (Colossians 3:12)

…God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved… (ESV)

What does it mean to be chosen by God?  Being chosen for the kickball team in elementary school meant being allowed to play the game with your friends, and that sense of chosen was reinforced ever since.  To be chosen, whether for the team, the scholarship, or the job, means being picked to do something.  It is about opportunity.  It is about action.

It is certainly true that when we are chosen by God, He opens up our true calling and purpose in life, but notice that this is not the first consequence.  When we are chosen, we become holy and beloved.  God is not the boss down on the docks picking day laborers.  First and foremost He calls to us, summons us into His presence, and says, “I love you!”  Let that sink in.  Before setting forth any task for you to do, God tells you that you are chosen, holy, and beloved.  When was the last time anyone on earth called you, not to ask you for a single, solitary thing, but to tell you that?

Yes, God has given you a calling.  He has uniquely equipped you to fulfill part of His mission, and that is an amazing thing, but it is not the first thing.  We are often so busy running around doing this and that, even good things to advance the Kingdom, but do we ever take time out of all that work just to be with the One Who chose us and loves us?  If we claim to love Him, then we should show Him by actually spending time with Him.

Father, doing things is just part of life.  I confess that I measure value by how much I get done.  And, let’s be honest, society rewards me for that.  We all push each other to achieve.  Right now, though, I want to spend time with You.  I need to hear Your voice telling me that I am chosen, holy, and beloved.  I am shutting it all off now, Father, all the clamor to do this and that, and listening for Your voice.  Please speak to my heart.  Amen.


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