Talking About Jesus


March 24 (2 Corinthians 4:13)

I believed, and so I spoke.  (ESV)

In 1983 Billy Joel released his album An Innocent Man, which contained the #1 hit “Tell Her About It.”  In one of the lines from that song, he sings, “Tell her about it.  Tell her everything you feel.  Give her every reason to accept that you’re for real.”  Stay with me here, for there is something about our relationship with God that requires being told.

There are lots of nice people in the world, many of whom are not Christians.  Simply doing kind things does not let anyone know about your relationship with God or who He really is.  We must tell people about Him if they are going to believe for even one moment that we are for real when we say we follow Him.  This does not mean dropping the name of Jesus every third word in a conversation, but it does mean sharing what you and He have done together, what He has done for you, and what you have learned about Him.  After all, don’t you share those very things about family, friends, and your favorite sports and entertainment figures?

We must also tell people about our relationship with Jesus if we want Him to believe for one moment that we are for real when we say we follow Him.  Can you imagine introducing your spouse to a friend only to have that person reply, “I didn’t even know you were married!”  If that ever happened, you’d be sleeping on the couch that night.

Paul quotes these words from Psalm 116:10 to remind us that action is the natural, logical consequence of our belief.  In fact, we could turn his words around.  If we do not talk about Jesus, do we really believe in Him?

Lord, the enemy would have me keep my relationship with you a deep, dark secret.  Instead, I will pray with David, “O Lord, open my lips, and my mouth will declare your praise.”  Amen.


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