Faith When You Don’t Believe It


May 12 (Genesis 18:14)

Is anything too hard for the Lord?  (NLT)

After many years, the couple still had not conceived a child.  When the woman heard that she would bear a son, she laughed.  I imagine there was a touch of bitterness to Sarah’s laughter.  It may have even been more of a scoff, as if to say, “You’ve got to be kidding!”  Let’s be honest.  Years of praying without seeing the desired results can make you a bit jaded.

Oh, but we are supposed to have faith!  We are supposed to keep believing!  Yes, and one can have faith and still become jaded.  In fact, faith only enters into things when we don’t see the way and we can’t imagine that what we want will ever come to pass.  And it is in just such moments that God says, “Is anything too hard for me?”  It’s odd how we can pray for justice and the healing of hatred, you know, the really big issues, but we don’t believe that God can or will handle the daily things.  Here was a couple, Abraham and Sarah, who had trouble conceiving a child.  What is it that you have wrestled with for a long time?  Does it have to do with work or friends or family?

If you are convinced that God can handle the big things, things like speaking stars and atoms into existence, things like raising the dead and providing for the salvation of all who want it, then it stands to reason that God can handle what you are facing today and tomorrow.  And if He can, He will.  It may not have happened yet, and He has His reasons for that, but keep your faith in Him, even if it means you laugh when you say it.  He knows your heart and will say to you just what He said to Abraham and Sarah.

Father, You know exactly what is on my heart right now.  I don’t even need to articulate it.  In fact, I have articulated it and cried it and screamed it and pleaded it with You too many times for me to count.  I confess that even though I do not see a way right now, I will put the matter before You again, trusting that You will handle it perfectly.  In the name of Jesus, I cast all my cares upon You.  Amen.


3 thoughts on “Faith When You Don’t Believe It

  1. Words cannot express how much the online devotions have encouraged me. I look forward to them every week. More than once I’ve been amazed at the message within a particular devotion that could only be from God; seemingly speaking directly to me! Thank you so much Mr. Perkins! 😊


    1. Thank you for those kind words, Tracy! As I say so often, if a devotion touches you, you can be sure it was from God. If one leaves you flat, there was too much of me in it. Blessings in the name of Jesus, my friend!


  2. Your words are right on the mark this evening, Steve. Thank you for sharing, and Lord Jesus, thank you for guiding my way to this online devotion. My faith in my place in public school education is being greatly challenged by current actions at our state and local levels of government. For now I’ll stop trying to solve problems made by others and let my God guide me on a path according to his will even if I can’t see it clearly right now. Amen.


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