Relaxing With God


July 14 (Psalm 46:10)

Be still, and know that I am God!  (NLT)

This is one of the better-known verses in the Bible, and we love it because it calls us away from the hectic, even frantic, pace of life.  We envision getting away to the woods or the mountains where we hear nothing but the sounds of nature and the voice of God.  It makes for a wonderful devotional goal, but there is something more going on in the command to be still.

In the ancient Greek translation of the Old Testament known as the Septuagint, that command literally means to be at leisure, to take a break, to kick back and relax.  Now read that verse again.  God is saying, “Take a break.  Kick back, relax, and spend some time getting to know me.”  Doing that certainly can mean going on retreat to a place of quiet beauty, but it can be as simple as enjoying your favorite beverage on the deck one summer’s evening and hanging out with God as you would with your best friend, which He is, if you want Him to be.

Can you hear the friendly invitation God is sending you?  How would you react if a friend asked you over for ice cream tonight?  You would be excited, but also relieved because you would know it would be a time to set aside the work and worries of the day.  It would be something to look forward to, and that is what God is offering you today.

Thank You for inviting me to spend time with You, God.  I am looking forward to putting everything else aside and being with You.  Amen.


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