Life’s Choices


September 8 (Matthew 5:45)

For he gives his sunlight to both the evil and the good, and he sends rain on the just and the unjust alike.  (NLT)

Picture a gentle rain sweeping across rolling, green hills.  A cool breeze crosses your face, and as you look into the grey, fleecy clouds, you see them start to lighten and then break.  Shafts of light break through, and the blades of grass and leaves on the flowers glisten as the water droplets reflect the sun.  Do you have the image in your mind?  That is the backdrop, the scenery against which any number of dramas can be played.

Now give some action to the scene unfolding in your mind.  Perhaps a girl of six or seven has been walking with her mother through the fields.  When the rain starts, they both lift their faces to the sky, laughing and twirling and running through the refreshing shower, stopping only when the rain has passed to explore the delicate, crystalline world it has left behind.  Of course, the scene could be quite different.  Troops shouting the harshest vulgarity could be running over the hills, fire and death blazing from their rifles as they slip on ground made wet with water and blood.  The break in the rain does not bring a time for poetic reflection on blades of grass, but rather a clearer sight line for taking another life.

There is no gift of such jaw-dropping awesomeness as free will.  Like the air we breathe, it goes unnoticed and unremarked most of the time, yet it is the most powerful force in nature.  God has created a cosmos of infinite beauty, a world of energy and color and life.  Into this environment He has set you and me.  The glories of the backdrop to the drama of life will remain the same whether we choose to act in love or hate, joy or anger, confidence or fear.  They may appear different depending on the scenes we enact, but the difference is entirely of our own making.

Father, thank You for life and for my life.  Thank You for the wonder-filled opportunities You have given us to live.  May every choice I make be in harmony with Your perfect will, and when I do act in ways that bring ugliness to the beauty You have created, I ask Your forgiveness in the name of Jesus, through Whom all has been made and will be made new.  Amen.


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