War Against God


September 15 (Revelation 12:7)

Then there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and his angels.   (NLT)

Of all creatures made by God, only two have rebelled against Him, angels and humans, and since they both have free will, this means they both chose to do so.  The rebellion of angels resulted in war.  The rebellion of humans resulted in the free and loving sacrifice that saw God become a man, die on a cross, and rise again with the promise of eternal life for all who accept Him.

Nothing else in all of creation has fought against God.  Many scientists believe that other animals possess free will to some degree, and if so, this puts angels and humans in a particularly bad light, for it wasn’t dolphins or dogs, cats or cows that used their free will to fight the Lord of the universe.  Then again, if angels and humans are the only creatures to possess free will, this makes us even worse, for it means that the only two beings granted the incomparable gift of free will used that gift against its giver.  Are you starting to see just how terrible the rebellious act of sin actually is?

Now return to the consequences of misused free will.  The only two instances of this unspeakable betrayal resulted in two very different outcomes.  In the one case, God actually went to war against those who used their gift against Him.  In the other, He forgave them through the blood of His own Son.  Can you catch a glimpse, if only for the briefest of moments, how much God obviously loves you?

Father, Your love is truly overwhelming.  The sheer magnitude of it is more than I can comprehend.  I do not deserve such love, but I am indeed grateful, for without it I would remain separated from You, Your enemy forever.  Thank You for providing a way back to You through Jesus, whom I love and adore as my Savior.  May all I do bear witness to Your love for me and my acceptance of it.  Amen.


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