Raindrop Humble


December 1 (1 Peter 5:6)

So humble yourselves under the mighty power of God, and at the right time he will lift you up in honor.  (NLT)

While hiking recently with my son, I stopped to capture a picture of crystal droplets poised on the ends of tree branches.  So many aspects of their beauty beckoned.  There was the smoothness of their liquid surface and the tension as they clung to branches, ready to fall at any moment.  There was the tremendous forest caught in their reflection, and there was the impossible complexity they called to mind.  Two atoms of hydrogen combined with one of oxygen had produced what we so casually call water, but there was so much more.  The mere thought of all that was going in just one rain drop led me to consider the chemistry of the trees and soil and my son and me as we stood contemplating it all, and that was to say nothing of the vastness of the forest, the immensity of our planet, or the endless reaches of space.  We were properly humbled by that water droplet.

The more a person truly knows, the humbler he becomes.  Arrogance is the byproduct of ignorance.  When we consider the wonders of the physical world, it is impossible not to be humbled, and when we ponder the power that created it all, we rightly feel very small indeed.  And when we realize that the creative power behind raindrops and quasars is not a faceless force but a fully realized personal entity who speaks across eternity in a voice as close as next door to call us by name, then humble is the only possible state of mind and heart.

Like most people, I resent it when I have to be under someone I do not respect.  Humility in that moment can be tough to bear.  Yet humility under the mighty power of God is a joy.  It truly is.  It is a comfort and deep pleasure to relax and submit myself willingly to the One Who could take my life with a thought, but has instead invited me to savor eternity with Him.

Lord Jesus, I love You more than I can say.  What peace and joy I derive from humbling myself before You, safe and secure in Your love.  Keep me close to You today, tomorrow, and until You call me to Your side.  Amen.


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